Are you looking for the best WordPress cloud storage plugins?

Cloud storage plugins make it simple to store and access your website files from any location on the planet. They can also automatically sync your data, ensuring that it is always safe and backed up.

We’ll go over some of the best WordPress cloud storage plugins for storing your WordPress files in this article.

Why Should You Use a WordPress Cloud Storage Plugin?

WordPress cloud storage plugins assist in ensuring the safety and security of your website’s files, documents, and other media.

Many cloud storage plugins and tools, like CDNs, serve your media files from their servers, which can improve your website’s speed and performance.

Furthermore, you can backup your entire WordPress blog so that no matter what happens, your website and files are ready to be restored if needed.

After that, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress cloud storage plugins.

1. WPForms

WPForms is the best WordPress contact form plugin, with over 4 million websites using it. It is user-friendly and can be used to create a variety of forms such as contact forms, registration forms, file upload forms, and others.

It includes over 100 pre-made templates that can be easily customized using the drag and drop builder.

All form entries are saved to your WordPress database by default, but you can also integrate the plugin with a cloud storage provider.

You could, for example, use the Zapier addon to connect with any cloud storage service you prefer to automatically upload files to Google Drive or Dropbox.

The free version of the plugin allows you to create simple contact forms, but the pro version includes advanced form creation and cloud storage features.

2. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is a top-rated WordPress automation plugin. It allows you to create powerful automation workflows to store and share data with other apps.

It integrates with all of the most popular WordPress plugins and third-party tools on the market, allowing you to create custom automation without writing a single line of code. Consider it similar to Zapier for WordPress websites.

You can, for example, send data from your WordPress form to Google Sheets or use Zapier to connect to apps such as Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, and others.

You could also begin by using the unrestricted version of the plugin, which also supports all WordPress plugins as well as automation actions.

3. OptinMonster

Over 1.2 million websites use OptinMonster, one of the best popup and lead generation plugins for WordPress.

It allows you to easily create high-converting popups and email signup forms with a drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to convert abandoning visitors into email subscribers and customers.

Monster Leads allows you to automatically store the leads you generate in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about backups or security because your leads and their data are safely stored in your OptinMonster account.

You can view individual lead details, filter, and export your leads from your user dashboard.

You can also connect to popular email marketing services, allowing you to send an email newsletter to your leads in order to grow your relationship and make sales.

Please keep in mind that you can get started with OptinMonster for free.

4. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is the best WordPress backup plugin on the market, with over 3 million sites using it. It allows you to create a full backup of your WordPress site and save it to the cloud.

You can backup your website on a regular basis or on-demand. You can also specify which files you want to back up.

It can automatically upload your backups to cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, Amazon S3, and others.

BackupBuddy, BackWPUp, and Duplicator are some other excellent backup solutions.

5. WP Offload Media

WP Offload Media is a simple cloud storage plugin that connects to a variety of cloud storage providers.

It automatically transfers your images, videos, documents, and other media to your preferred cloud storage provider. The URL to the cloud-hosted version of the media is then replaced.

This ensures that you have backups of your media in the cloud for safekeeping. It can also, like a CDN service, speed up your website’s loading times.

For cloud storage, the plugin currently supports Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and DigitalOcean Spaces.

It also works with popular image compression plugins, such as EWWW Image Optimizer, to help speed up your WordPress site.

We hope this article has assisted you in locating the best WordPress cloud storage plugins for your WordPress site.

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