One of our readers recently inquired if a mega menu could be added to a WordPress site. Mega Menus enable us to create multi-column drop-down menu options with rich media such as images as well as videos in your navigation. We’ll show you how to add a mega menu to your WordPress site quickly and easily in this article.

Why should you add a Mega Menu to your WordPress site, and who should you share it with?

Mega Menus are especially beneficial for websites with a large amount of content. This enables webmasters to display more items in their top menu.

Mega menus are being used by well-known websites like Reuters, Buzzfeed, as well as Starbucks to generate high – quality interactive and engaging navigation menus.

While standard WordPress navigation menus allow you to add drop-down sub-menus and even image icons next to each item, there are times when a mega menu is required.

Let us just look at how to add a mega menu to your WordPress site with ease.

Using WordPress to Create a Mega Menu

Installing and activating the Max Mega Menu plugin is the first step in creating a mega menu in WordPress. It is the best free WordPress mega menu plugin on the market.

The plugin would then add a new item on the menu, Mega Menu, to your WordPress admin menu once it has been activated. It will take you to the plugin’s Settings page if you click on it.

For most websites, the default settings will suffice. You will, however, need to change the menu colors to match the colors used in the navigation menu container of your WordPress theme.

You can use your browser’s Inspect tool to see which colors are used in your theme.

You can copy and paste the color hex code into a text file to use later.

After that, go to the mega menu settings page and select the ‘Menu Themes’ tab, then the ‘Menu Bar’ section.

You can change the background color of the mega menu to match the navigation menu container of your theme.

Do not forget to save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button.

Let’s get started creating our mega menu now that we’ve configured the mega menu settings.

To add top-level items to your navigation, go to Appearance » Menus and then add top-level items to your navigation. See our beginner’s guide to creating WordPress navigation menus for more information.

Then, just on the Menus screen, check the box next to ‘Max Mega Menu Settings’ to allow mega menu.

After that, move your mouse over a menu item, and a “Mega Menu” button will appear on the menu tab.

A popup would then appear once you click on the button. You can choose the number of columns you want to display and add any WordPress widget to your mega menu here.

You can also edit the widget settings by clicking the wrench icon on a widget. Do not forget to save your widget settings by clicking the save button.

When you’re finished, close the popup and go to your website to see how the mega menu works.

We hope that this article has shown you how to create a mega menu in WordPress. You might also be interested in our beginner’s guide to speeding up WordPress and improving performance.

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