Creating a post in WordPress is a fairly simple process for experienced WordPress users. However, for those who are just getting started, there are still some things that may be perplexing.

Whereas the interface of the featured image is a lifesaver, it does necessitate a basic understanding of WordPress to use properly.

Recently, one of our readers contacted us about a problem with their featured image displaying twice. It’s a fairly common image problem that’s simple to fix. We’ll show you how to fix featured images that appear twice in WordPress posts in this article.

Why does the Featured Image appear twice in my WordPress posts?

The much more common cause for a featured image or post thumbnail showing up twice in WordPress posts is also that beginners occasionally established a featured image and afterward add it into the post.

Most beginners comprehend this because when they created a featured image, they expect it to appear in their content area. If it does not appear in the content editor, they presume they have ignored something and end up trying to insert the same image into the post again.

This time, they’ll be able to see it in the block editor and be satisfied. Hence, when they publish the post, they notice that the image appears twice.

How can this be remedied?

Simply remove the image from the post editor and set your featured image using the featured image box.

A WordPress theme feature is featured images or post thumbnails. This means that this feature’s support is handled by your WordPress theme, which is why you don’t see how it looks in your post editor.

When you set a featured image for a post, the database informs your theme that a featured image is available for display automatically. This enables theme designers to use consistent styles for post thumbnails and featured images across your website.

While this would fix the duplicate featured image issue for the majority of users, you may encounter some unexpected issues. If you change the theme, for example, your featured images may appear stretched, skewed, and disproportionate. To resolve this, you must regenerate image sizes in WordPress.

When the above solution doesn’t really resolve the issue of featured images appearing twice, there is still a problem with your theme’s underlying code. In this case, contacting your theme developer for assistance is the best option.

We hope this article was useful in resolving the issue of featured images appearing twice in your WordPress posts.

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