Admin Area or panel is the administrative area of the WordPress domain. Usually, it can be reached by visiting the directory of wp-admin in your web browser. Example:

The WordPress admin area is the WordPress operated website administration hub. The administrator has complete access to all parts of the WordPress Admin Area. Users with other positions, such as editors, contributors or writers, have restricted access to the admin field. Some users, such as users with a subscriber position, only have access to their profile page inside the admin region.

The toolbar or admin bar is at the top of each administration screen. It offers access to a variety of administrative functions. The key navigation on the left gives access to most of the WordPress management software. Each main section usually comes with a sub-menu that can fly out and extend to offer additional options.

This area in the center of the screen is called the work area. This is where you can write, edit, and delete posts and change the settings. The footer is at the bottom of each administration page. The footer includes links to WordPress and the version of WordPress that you are currently downloading.