Administrator is a WordPress user role. When a user downloads WordPress, a new user will be created with the username and password specified during installation. The user role of the administrator is allocated to the first user. They will perform any of the acts on the WordPress website and have maximum capabilities.

A user with a function of administrator may also add and delete other users with the same role. When assigning an administrator function to a user, it’s important to note that administrators have the ability to remove information.

Administrator is the only user function that has the ability to update your WordPress blog. They can change themes and edit core WordPress files using the built-in theme editor.

They will have the ability to add, delete, and change any plugins on the web in the same way.

There is only one administrator in most situations. In the case of a multi-site WordPress installation, some of the admin role skills are delegated to the super admin role. The super admin could change themes, add new users, add and remove plugins, and manage the web network, while admin roles would be restricted to managing a single site.