Beginner workshops are held at many WordCamps and WordPress meetup groups. Unfortunately, the majority of them are not documented. We will share free WordPress training videos in this article that cover all of the topics covered in a WordPress beginner workshop.

The purpose of the WordPress beginner workshop is to assist new users in getting started. The following topics were discussed:

What exactly is WordPress? Why is WordPress available for free? Why should you use WordPress?

What is the distinction between and

– How do I select the best WordPress hosting? Bluehost or Siteground are our top picks.

How do I set up WordPress?

WordPress Installation and Configuration (Create posts, add pages, embed images and videos, change the template, add widgets, customize menus, install plugins, and various other tips and tricks).

Additional Information:

Other useful resources that are frequently mentioned in beginner workshops include:

  • WordPress Dictionary – a glossary of WordPress terms explained for newcomers.
  • WordPress Themes Directory – the most dependable source for free WordPress themes. Check out our expert selection of the best free WordPress themes.
  • WordPress Plugins Directory – the most dependable source for free WordPress plugins. Because there are over 58,000 free WordPress plugins available, you may want to read our guide on how to choose the best WordPress plugin and our expert pick of the 24+ Must Have WordPress Plugins for all websites.
  • The Your Blog Master Engage Facebook group is the largest free WordPress help group for non-techies. There are over 75,000 members, including many WordPress experts who provide free WordPress support and tips to help your website grow.
  • WordPress promo codes & discounts – Your Blog Master receive exclusive discounts on WordPress products and services.

Your Blog Master content is completely free, and we are always looking for new ways to help.

Let’s go over some of our most useful WordPress tutorials:

Let’s take a look at some of our most helpful WordPress tutorials:

  • How to Get Started with a WordPress Blog
  • How to Launch an Online Store
  • How to Begin a Podcast Using WordPress
  • How to Troubleshoot the Most Common WordPress Errors
  • How to Select the Most Appropriate WordPress Hosting
  • How to Strengthen WordPress Security

How to Attend the LIVE WordPress Beginner Workshop

Finding a WordCamp or a WordPress meetup group near you is the best way to attend a live WordPress beginner workshop in person.

WordCamp is a non-profit conference dedicated to all things WordPress. Every week, a WordCamp is held somewhere in the world. You can view the full schedule to see if it’s coming to a city near you.

You can also look for a local WordPress meetup group in your area. There are currently over 490 local WordPress meetup groups in 59 cities.

Unlike WordCamps, WordPress meetup groups are smaller and allow beginners to interact and mingle with WordPress experts in their area.

It is worth noting that not every WordCamp or WordPress meetup group offers beginner workshops. You should double-check the schedule to ensure that it is available.

If it isn’t, you can always contact the organizers to see if they can offer a live beginner workshop. The majority of the time, meetup and WordCamp organizers are open to new ideas.

We hope you found our WordPress training videos to be a useful substitute for WordPress beginner workshops. You should also read our beginner’s guide to learning WordPress for free in a week or less.

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